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About Scattergoods

Hi, I'm Anzelina. I formed Scattergoods Creative after my search for beautiful, eco-conscious objects to share and for my own home. I create small-batch candles and soaps that use no chemical fragrances, no petrochemicals, no palm products, and are organic, non-GMO, renewable, and reusable wherever possible. I've spent countless hours searching for the highest quality ingredients. I'm always experimenting with ways to work with traditional methods and materials.

The Process

Everything you see for sale here is made by hand. I have partnered with Meadow Anderson, a ceramicist based in Portland, Oregon, to make the beautiful porcelain containers. Then, I create by hand every candle and bar of soap in small batches in my Southeast Portland workshop. I use waxes and oils that are all natural. I never use chemical fragrances. If I can't create a scent without this method, I just won't make it!


Scented Candle: Laurelhurst

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"Gorgeous and delicately scented"

— MadeHere PDX

Scented Candle: Richmond

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Inspired by Place

It's no secret that Portland inspires all who are lucky to call it home. As I've lived in or visited different neighborhoods, I've come away with impressions to share with you in the form of scent.

Laurelhurst is a heady floral scent inspired by the rainy gardens of Laurelhurst Park in Portland.

Richmond is a rich woodsy scent inspired by the tall cedars and redwoods of the Richmond neighborhood in Portland.

Concordia is a fresh vibrant scent with notes of citrus and mint, inspired by Concordia's open spaces.

As I explore this big world, I look forward to creating place-based pieces and sharing them with you.